Workforce Diversity and Prejudices: We are All Unique! Diversity refers to human diversity, cultural diversity and systems diversity.  Human diversity takes into consideration race, ethnicity, marital status, etc.  Cultural diversity refers to beliefs, community, language, and environment influences.  Systems diversity relates to differences among companies in structure and activities.

Prejudice is a set of views held by an individual about a group of people.  It is pre-judgement, not post-judgement.  Name any group, and a person has a prejudice about that group.  Examples of groups are:  single people, older people, Irish people, redheads, left handed people, Asian people, short people, and Alaskan people.  Forming an opinion or expressing an opinion about a whole group of people without getting to know each and every person labels you as prejudiced.  The fact is:  everyone is unique and cannot be lumped all together as alike.  Getting to know those that are not like you will open your eyes and realize this.  Some groups are majority groups and some are minority groups.  An organization needs all types of people, people in many groups for success.  All efforts in Human Resources (employment, training, events, etc.) are geared toward inclusion and expansion of inclusion.  But it starts at the top, as we all know.  The top leaders and the board must communicate their commitment from the top down.

in regards to Workforce Diversity and Prejudices, each of us must be on guard not to fall into the trap of “like us” and assuming those not like us are lacking or different or inferior.  Go outside your comfort zone and get to know others, for who they are, not the group they happen to belong to.

Recognize that cultural differences bring challenges to our natural communication style and improve workforce diversity and prejudices.  First, try to understand, second, respect, third, ask, don’t assume.  Invite a dialogue. Don’t make fun of—the joke is on you.  Learn, don’t ignore.

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