Attention Employers – Hire an Intern and Get Reimbursed for It!

Q:  What is the goal of the Internship Reimbursement Program at CareerEdge as it relates to employers and students?

A: The CareerEdge Work Experience and Internship Reimbursement program has two goals: 1) To provide local youth enrolled in a post-secondary education with the job experience necessary not only to obtain a job, but also to acquire the necessary skills required to succeed in today’s work environments; and 2) To provide employers with talented youth who they can train and, hopefully, hire on at the end of an internship program, while subsidizing the cost of the training through CareerEdge reimbursement dollars. This program helps bridge the gap between students and employers.

Q: Are both employers and students able to sign up to participate? Are there any geographic limitations?

A: Both employers and students are required to submit tailored applications in order to apply for the program. If all necessary requirements established by the funding grant are met, then both parties will be accepted into the program. Once accepted, CareerEdge requires a follow up meeting with the employer halfway through the internship period to ensure that both parties are abiding by the work tasks and ethics set forth in the applications. Once an internship program has been completed, both the employer and student are required to submit a final review form which gives us insight into the value of that particular internship. The employer then submits proof of wages in order to receive a reimbursement for up to $1,500 per intern. We provide internship grants in the Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough and Charlotte counties.

Q: How many employers and how many students have participated so far and in what type of companies and jobs?

A: So far there have been eleven employers in Sarasota and Manatee Counties that have participated in this program. Thirty-two students have participated in internships opportunities. The internship jobs were in manufacturing, healthcare, and computer science and information technology.

Q: How can other companies not in our area work with their local resources to set a similar program?

A: They can check with their local EDC’s and Workforce Development organizations to find out if they have an internship programQ:

Q: Do the students need to be enrolled in a higher education institution?

A: Yes, for an individual to be accepted in to this program he or she needs to be enrolled in a post-secondary education program, whether it is for a certification, 2 year degree or 4 year degree.


 Mireya Eavey is the executive director of CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, local non-profit dedicated to addressing skill gaps in the SW Florida region. She leads CareerEdge’s strategy, fundraising, program investments, policy development and organizational reporting to the National Fund for Workforce Solutions. She has had an extensive 20 year background in workforce solutions, science technology and finance.
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