“The main aim of the facilitative leader is to leverage the resources of group members.”

Facilitating to Lead! by Ingrid Bens

What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a business meeting to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with sound discussion, full participation and the achievement of the outcomes are owned from everyone who is involved. Some of the types of meetings that benefit from a facilitator are: strategic planning, conflict resolution, team building and executive retreats. Facilitation is a “neutral process” which means that the facilitator does not contribute content to the discussion. Effective meetings make money and save money. What contributes to an effective meeting? A facilitator-run meeting makes it easier for the group to arrive at a consensus by using the principles of group dynamics, decision frameworks and time management.

Our best practice processes includes:

As a member of the International Facilitators Association, we follow their six core competencies. Their mission is to grow the community of practice for all those who facilitate, establish internationally accepted professional standards, build credibility and promote the value of facilitation around the world.

Human Resources Simplified “Time is Money” program can provide a facilitator for your next group meeting. It consists of a structured 3-step process:

  • Understanding of the group objectives
  • Introductory communication with the team leader
  • Explanation to the group of the facilitation process

Facilitating enables companies to work smarter and make meetings work. We also can perform the function of panel moderator.  Contact us to learn more.

“Facilitation works to bring people and organizations together in their thinking” – Bari Johnson, MA

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