I had the pleasure of reading Laszlo Bock’s book Work Rules! (2015) recently.  Mr. Bock is the head of Google’s People Operations division. Yes, that is the human resources division.

The book provides “insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead”. Beyond being a business book, it is an organizational development guidebook.  Google is known for non-traditional practices and using the power of data-driven analytics.  The author delves into the inner workings of human resources at the international employer.

He spends a lot of time on the most important function in human resources: hiring.  But he also explains the philosophy of building a learning organization, structuring pay and performance management.  Needless to say, Google does each of these in a collaborative and unusual way.  Mistakes were made along the way, which are discussed in the book.

Here are a sample of seven of the “rules”:

  1. Given limited resources, invest your HR dollars first in recruiting.
  2. For selecting new employees, set a high bar for quality.
  3. Give candidates a reason to join your company.
  4. Celebrate accomplishment, not compensation.
  5. The bad stuff in life happens rarely…be there for your people when it does.
  6. Hire only people who are better than you.
  7. Trust your people.

The book is a cool glimpse of a company we work with every day, from doing a Google Search to wishing for a Google Watch. We know that every company cannot experience the rapid success of Google, but every company can adopt some of their people strategies on a smaller scale and enjoy a company culture that provides for applicant attraction, employee development and employee retention.

Your homework: Pull out your Google Nexus 9 tablet and starting reading the book or, if you are old-school like me, buy the book and add it to your business bookshelf to refer back to from time to time and share the ideas and info with others.

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