Questions to ask about guns in the workplace policy! It seems that every time you turn on the news, someone is talking about guns. Now more than ever, it is the perfect time to evaluate your guns in the workplace policy.

Here are eleven questions to ask about guns in the workplace policy:

1) Does your employee handbook address if you’ll allow employees or non-employees to bring guns into the workplace?
2) What about whether the employee can keep guns in their cars or trucks in your parking lot?
3) If you do allow guns in the workplace, have you informed your general liability insurer?
4) Do you have restrictions on the type of guns allowed?
5) Also, have you consulted with your workers’ compensation carrier?
6) Is the policy regarding this state-legal and clear and communicated?
7) Do you have security cameras and are they monitored?
8) Do you offer an employee assistance program that provides onsite services with qualified therapists, if needed?
9) Do you have a crime policy? Have you updated your crime policy recently?
10) Do you monitor team morale and have a policy of “if you see something, say something?”
11) Do you verify and track that concealed weapon permits are current?

If you need help evaluating or even creating guns in the workforce policy this is something Human Resources Simplified can help you with.

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